Saturday, December 3, 2011

Young and unemployable, lonely, drunk and beautiful

Figured we would add some multimedia to this here blog. As much as swimming in the unemployed ocean has been ever so fun, and time consuming, ultimately we kind of just listen to music all day too. Seems only fitting we share some of what keeps us sane, good music. 

Just moments ago Adam and I were sitting on my bedroom floor, not for the sake of it being more practical to sit on my floor, but because I have no furniture. Go figure, can't afford a bed or a simple decorative chair. Anyways, point is, this song is played through Adam's computer speakers. I felt it completely necessary to post up here for you to give a listen and chuckle at it's relevance to the blog. Enjoy. 

We urge you to check out more of Deaf Havana

Written By: Elyse E. Tishuk

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