Thursday, December 22, 2011

Weekly Top 10 - Week One

It was brought to my attention today that we have not posted in 9 days! Our sincerest apologies those of you reading. The lack of posts has not been due to writer's block or lost interest. We have been hard on the job hunt grind, and of course, Christmas is here. We have actually been sitting on this idea of introducing a  weekly "Top 10" list. So, here is the first of many Top 10's to come.

This week we introduce you to the Top 10: Cheap Activities (to do with your boring and unsuccessful spare time)

1. Read (FREE - $3.00)
Obvious number in the Top 10? Probably, but lets get real... most of you don't crack open a book. Time to change that. Turn off the television, log out of facebook, and open a book. Allows for brain function, imagination, and relaxation. And most important, it will entertain hours of your day that you typically use thinking about really depressing shit. No money for books? Not a problem try, for free downloads of thousands of books. Check your local goodwill, they typically have a broad collection of books for under 3 dollars, or simply browse and get an amazing deal on the book you were eye-balling at Barnes & Noble last week. Speaking of which, you can also sit inside Barnes & Noble and read their books and magazines for free as well. I do it all the time.

2. Go On A Walk (FREE)
Seems entirely too obvious, and some people out there don't have the most scenic of landscapes to gaze upon, but regardless, GET OUT OF THE HOUSE! Whether you live in Columbia, Missouri or North Shore, Hawaii, get up and go for a walk. It's good for your mind, body and soul. Trust me.

3. State Parks (FREE - $5.00)
This of course solely relies on where you are geographically, but typically there is a near by state park that could use a visit from you. Normally state parks do have a small fee to enter, but it's a couple bucks well spent. Pack up the shitty peanut butter and jelly you usually make yourself, grab a capri sun, an apple, and head down to the state park and eat it there. Granted I haven't been to every state park, but the ones I have visited are always clean and have sectioned off a portion of the state worth visiting. Find the nearest state park to you at the National Park Service site.

4. Arts/Crafts (FREE)
I'm not asking you to get crazy with sponge stamps  or send all your friends origami master pieces in the mail. Simply bust out a pencil and paper and doodle, sketch, and draw. This requires no skill and should not be taken as an assignment or anything more than freeing up your mind. Plus, art has proven to reduce stress, even if you suck at it.

5. Journaling (FREE)
Not only is this a way for you to get some angst of your chest or just logging in what you ate for the day so you can look back next year and giggle at your poor, unhealthy diet... it doesn't matter. In stressful times of your life, such as wallowing in unemployment, journaling is the first thing any doctor will tell you to do to reduce stress. There are tons of benefits to writing your thoughts down aside from just occupying time in your day!

6. Start A Blog (FREE)
Here is something that we obviously have used quite a bit to occupy our free time... blogging! Blogging is completely free, and just as mentioned above in journaling, blogging can be therapeutic and a stress reducer. Essentially you can blog about what ever the hell you want. If it's just to act as an online journal, or a topic you love, or just posting random crap you find on the internet... the blogging world is your oyster. Obviously, we suggest, but there is also and tons of other similar blogging sites that are only a google search away.

7. Museum (typically FREE)
It does not matter if you're a 20 something and think these types of activities only come in handy when your folks are in town to visit, get over yourself and venture out to a museum. If it's a local museum about your town or a Holocaust museum, the power of gaining knowledge and getting out of the house is all that counts here. And best yet, 9 times out of 10 the museum is completely free. Don't know where the hell the closest museum is to you? Not a problem, check out Now you have no excuse, go get your learn on!

8. New Hobby (FREE)
Guitar, juggling, knitting, painting, yoga, boxing, sleeping... what ever it may be, let's get crackin' on a new hobby while we are broke and bored, shall we? Now, if you don't have a dusty acoustic guitar Uncle Teddy gave you in 7th grade laying around, or don't have the money to run out and buy painting supplies, you may have to rack your brain for an hobby you always really wanted to do and budget it for yourself. But, we really recommend figuring out something new to learn, and put forth the effort. It exercises the brain and keeps you from losing your mind on those down-in-dump-kind-of-days.

9. Animal Shelter (FREE)
Love dogs? Yea, so do we! Take a portion of your boring, unsuccessful day and head down to your local Humane Society and play with the dogs! Half volunteering (which we know feeds the soul) and half just getting to hang out with awesome dogs (and cats). The Humane Society are always welcoming to volunteers, so go out there and show some love to Shadow, Chance, and Sassy.

10. Video Game Rentals ($2.00)
I'm sure most of you have already stumbled to a Redbox or two in your days. They recently began to offer video game rentals for 2 dollars. Granted, it's only for the day, it does prove to be an affordable activity to do on a Saturday afternoon. Plus, you can have that quality bonding time with your roommates while you whoop their ass in Modern Warfare 3, and proceed to brag about it for the rest of the week.

Written By: Elyse E. Tishuk

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