Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tis The Season...

It’s that damn time of the year again. The holiday season is rapidly approaching, and you’re getting that familiar warm, fuzzy feeling of failure, stress, overwhelmed and unsuccessful-ness. With Christmas just around the corner many of us don’t have a dime to spare for the shopping of gifts for our loved ones. It hurts your pride a little bit knowing good and well you cannot afford to spoil your family and friends with presents! But, have no fear young ones; The Unsuccessful has an early Christmas gift for YOU! We have countless money saving ideas and conventional gift alternatives!

It’s 2011; all of us should know that shopping online is the go-to. But, lets dig a little deeper in the tangled World Wide Web and uncover some really great deals. Because I've been broke for a few years  now, I'm well versed in discount shopping, and personally vouch for all of these sites being extremely beneficial. 

This was upon the first stop in my internet quest. This little portion of gives you a flipbook type feature of random gifts all under $20.00. It allows you to cut out the task of you sifting through a bunch of crap on a bunch of crappy sites, and drowning in the vast corners of your brain just trying to think of something for a loved one. This serves as a middleman making it more of a “stumble upon” for something that may be suitable for mom and dad or Aunt Betsy with the lazy eye and a weird laugh-cackle. 

Considering most of you reading this are young and really unbelievably awesome just like us, you most likely have some good buds that deserve a little gift for the holiday. Well, let us introduce you to the wonderful world of Whiskey Militia. This site puts a ridiculously awesome deal from major action sport, trendy brands on their page every 20 minutes. So, no time to debate and think about your purchase, you have just moments to make the purchase. Not to worry about buyer’s remorse, when I say “ridiculously awesome” deals, I mean it.

I hate gift baskets. Everyone hates gift baskets. Honestly, who wants 10 different flavors of mustard from some company they’ve never heard of?  You go and spend 15 bucks on a gift basket just to gift it for the sake of “giving”. It’s thoughtless, essentially defeating the purpose of gift giving. It’s just a bunch of crap that no one wants and ends up being tossed or used as a paperweight on their desk. Lets spend 15 dollars on something worth spending it on. Let’s get personal. is a site that gives practical, yet meaningful gifts. Customize and personalize affordable knick-knacks. This seems to serve as a perfect gift solution for parents and co-workers at that annoying Secret Santa company party youre forced to go to.

Ah, yes. You probably thought we were going to go here, and we totes-magoats are going here. Listen, every close relative or even a good friend appreciates something hand crafted. It shows effort and thought. So, don't beat yourself up and think that this is not a logical gift idea. If you are worried about your artistic abilities or your lack of creativity, allow us to spark some ideas for you with the following [incredibly foul, low-budget, crappy quality] film...

Okay, now seriously, lets give you actual resources to light a fire under your ass and get the ball rolling on some D.I.Y gifts and ideas.

Written By: Elyse E. Tishuk

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